weishiart – Jackalope hard enamel pin

Image from weishiart via Etsy

These cute hard enamel pins are original designs from the artist Weishi on the Etsy shop weishiart. The pins are slightly flawed and are sold as a discount. They may include defects such as:

  • Dust / dirt specs / bubbles
  • Scratches / scuffing on plating or enamel
  • Major underfill or overfill
  • Small area of missing enamel
  • Obvious discoloration of metal or enamel
  • Badly misaligned or missing printing

The featured pins are rose gold-plated hard enamel approximately 1.5″ in size and come with double black rubber clutch backings.

You can find the pins for purchase on Etsy here. The artist ships from Germany.